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With 5 decades of experience designing and manufacturing Telecommunications Equipment Geemarc Telecom is the natural choice for your Specialised communication Equipment. 

The Geemarc Clearsound range of Assistive Listening Devices now has over 80 products and is the largest variety of Assistive Products available today under one roof.

We have offices in UK and France where experienced and highly qualified specialists provide the best service to our customers!

Our History

Geemarc Telecom (UK)

Geemarc Telecom Ltd. was founded in 1974 in the UK. Our company was amongst the pioneers of cordless telephones in the UK and one of the first companies to obtain a license to manufacture cordless telephones for the British market.
We have some forty years of experience manufacturing in the Far East, in our own facilities and in some of the leading telecommunications facilities available today.
The multinational nature of Geemarc caused the moving of our Headquarters to Northern France in 1991 via the founding of Geemarc Telecom SA (GTSA).

Geemarc Telecom S.A. France

GTSA identified the Special Needs market in 2001. This market targets hearing impaired phone users, for whom finding the right phone or compatible device is extremely important to maximize clarity, minimize feedback and increase usefulness. Our first product in this range was the "Megaphone" amplified telephone with bone conduction. This product led GTSA into the Special Needs market. We forged links with the leading forces in the Special Needs sector and work together with leading organizations for Hearing and Visually Impaired Worldwide. From the one product in the year 2001, today our range of Geemarc Clearsound Special Needs products is over 80 products strong and it is still growing. Our products are recognized as market leaders today and are recommended by Audiologists and other specialists. We developed telephones that not only amplify, but also have a flashing light which indicates incoming calls. Some of our models have emergency call facilities. All our phones allow the user to adjust the ring and receiving volume and tone and provide maximum volume power. Our telephones also have big dial keys for ease of use.

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 We are constantly developing and improving our product range including an impressive range of Special Needs telephones.